Privacy Policy

Pawnslaught relies upon Google Play for its distribution. Google can and does collect vast quantities of information about everything you do, and probably knows more intimate details about your life than YOU do. We have no control over anything Google does with this information. Google’s use of this information is governed by their own privacy policy, and we disclaim any and all responsibility for anything Google (or its partners, delegates, and/or anybody who might illegally hack them in the future) might conceivably do with it.

Pawnslaught was created using the Unity3D framework and multiple thirdparty components and assets. No specific issues are believed to arise from any of them, but any privacy-related issues are nevertheless disclaimed and/or referred to the privacy policies of the components and assets themselves.

Pawnslaught does not intentionally collect information about its users (with the specific exception of users who submit a bug report), and any information that incidentally comes into our possession (web server logs, email, etc) will never intentionally be used in any way that we would regard as morally objectionable, evil, or that we ourselves would object to if somebody did it to us.

Bug reports include the following information: a) A move-by-move history of the game; b) Details about the runtime environment including (but not necessarily limited to) the hardware (make, model, etc), operating system and version; any information incidental to the delivery of the bug report (email header, http request, etc).

We have no formal procedures for managing or destroying any data that does come into our possession. You should assume that any data that comes into our possession will be stored in perpetuity, without encryption, on media that will ultimately be disposed of in the most insecure & ecologically-unfriendly way possible ,and will probably end up in the possession of some random stranger at a garage sale, antique store, scrapyard, or landfill.

If you do not accept this policy, or may not legally accept its terms within your jurisdiction, any license you might have to use this software is invalid, and you are officially required to destroy any copies you might have in your possession.

Any damages arising from this policy shall be limited to a maximum of your documented purchase price plus one US cent. To claim your refund, you must furnish us with a self-addressed stamped envelope bearing sufficient postage to mail a one-ounce first-class letter via the United Staes Postal Service along with your demand for payment to 1067 NW 124th Avenue; Pembroke Pines, FL 33026.